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    So it seems a ton of players get punished everyday, and the majority of them claim to have not known that what they did was against the rules. Well, I am posting this forum post to show and give details on all the rules within Discord and within the server.
    • I have the ability to change any of these at any time with or without notifying anyone.
    • If you do not see a rule on here that you got punished for, we will add it to the list.
    Well, here it is.

    On Discord, if you look in the #rules channel, you can see a basic list of rules. I am gonna type out those rules, as well as an in depth explanation to them.

    ■ Privacy - We respect people's privacy here. Please do not record without explicit permission from all within the room and and place [REC] before your name.
    ■ Abuse - Do not abuse the power to mute or verbally abuse someone.
    ■ Respect - Respect everyone here. No matter what rank they may be.
    ■ Copying - Do not copy/mimic names of people.
    ■ Staff - Not much of a rule but... if you need help the staff are there to assist you! ■ Racism - Racism is by no means tolerated at all. This will result in a mute.
    ■ Trolling - This is strictly prohibited and in some cases illegal, and for this reason is not tolerated. ■ Naming - Your name must be consistent, appropriate, readable, identifiable and unique to you. Chat Based Rules: ■ Spam - You cannot spam or advertise of any kind.
    ■ Links - You may not send:
    ■ Any links deemed inappropriate such as pornographic material or anything which requires you to be 18 years of age or older.
    ■ Screamer Links.
    ■ Harmful or Malicious Websites.
    ■ Check Your Channel - Make sure you're in the correct channel before sending a message! Embarassment hurts. VoIP Based Rules:
    ■ Don't Play Music - Others may already have music on and probably don't wanna hear your mixtape. ■ Microphone Quality - Your microphone should be clear and understandable.(edited)

    ■ Voice Changers - Software or hardware that modify your voice in any way are not allowed. ■ Avatars - Racist or offensive avatars aren't allowed. You will be banned from the Discord without warning. ■ Languages - We have no specific language for the Discord. All are welcome but English is a good language to know due to- well... how are you even reading this?
    ■ Speech - Excessive profanity, screaming, high microphone volume, or excessive background noise could cause you to be muted.
    ■ Singing - This isn't allowed. Seriously, no one wants to hear you hum or shout the Super Mario theme song.
    ■ AFK - If you plan to go AFK, please join the AFK channel. We may do this automatically for you.
    ■ Channel Hopping - Don't spam join and leave channels. You are able to see the participants of a channel just by glancing under the names.

    Minecraft Rules.... TBC.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by CulTure, Apr 12, 2018.

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